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NHPCO Podcast

Mar 21, 2017

MedPAC recently released it's new report to Congress. In the chapter on Hospice, one of the issues they bring up is live discharge. Hear Judi and Jennnifer discuss some of the reasons for the focus on live discharges and offer insight and tips into proper compliance. 

Mar 7, 2017

Quality has long been about what you "should" be doing but now we've moved into an era of what you "have" to be doing. And now more than ever there needs to be a close collaboration between compliance and quality. The most immediate quality requirements must be in place in less than a month. Hear Jennifer Kennedy...

Mar 3, 2017

NHPCO’s Health Policy Team members, Jon Keyserling and Sharon Scribner Pearce, share their key takeaways from President Donald Trump's first Joint Address to Congress. Learn more about what has been unfolding on the Hill, how it could impact the hospice community, and free resources that can help you become a...